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Dog Training Orange County CA

I am so grateful to have found Kristine! She is a wonderful dog trainer and has made my relationship with my dog so much more enjoyable. I can also tell that my dog is MUCH MUCH happier. My dog being 8 years old, I thought was too old to be trained, and had almost come to terms with the fact that I was not able to take my dog outside (aside from my front and backyard) because he would pull on the leash to the point where it hurt my hands, and he would freak out at the site of another dog or animal. I knew my dog was not getting enough exercise and mental stimulation but I did not know what to do about it because he was so difficult to manage. Thankfully Kristine assured me that no dog is too old to be trained, and fixed all of these problems. I can now walk my dog as he walks calmly next to me, he does not freak out when he sees other dogs, he comes to me when called, goes to his bed on command, and listens to what I say. It is amazing!

I have tried other dog trainers before, however, nothing worked well or really stuck. Kristine  really train my dog based on the dog, and not just a one size fits all approach. She really took time to figure out “what makes my dog tick” and “how his brain works”, and then trained him based on that. She also helped to train me based on my lifestyle and how I interact with my dog. She helped me with a training method that works for me and continuously checks in with me to see how things are going. The dog training does not stop once you take your dog home, as Kristine does multiple house visits and checks in. You can tell she really loves the dogs she trains and puts a lot of time, energy, and effort into her training. She goes above and beyond.

I am now able to have many more enjoyable times with dog! My husband is thrilled as well! My dog is like my child and I am so happy with his new and improved behavior. Thank you so much Kristine!!

– Michelle G.

Obedience and Behavior Modification

I believe obedience is the key to a well-balanced dog. Through obedience one can build a solid relationship with their dog that has mutual respect and relevance. Once you have a solid relationship with your dog, obedience can be leveraged to overcome behavior problems to reach a balanced state of mind for your dog.

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How I deal with behavior problems is through obedience. I teach the dog some base obedience and then we proof it under distraction so it becomes manageable. Once it becomes manageable, meaning they can hold the obedience that is being asked for in the presence of their triggers (dogs, people, etc.), then we can further advance the dog to understand how interact with these triggers in a calm and proper manner. Then I teach you! The most important part.

The end goal for all dogs in my program is to be able to attend our group classes when they are ready. You can attend group classes for as long as you own your dog. In group class you can continue to improve your dog’s leash walking, social, and off leash skills in distracting environments.

Come When Called!

Having full recall of your dog in any situation allows you and your dog to experience pure freedom together without worry. It is, in my opinion, the most important command to teach your dog. If your desire is to have your dog with you as you enjoy your favorite outdoor activity then our recall training will allow that to happen.


Socialization is achieved through obedience and proper introductions. Once we achieve the required obedience through one of our programs and fix any reactivity or aggression issues, we use our group classes to socialize your dog. In group class you can continue to improve your dog’s leash walking, social, and off leash skills in distracting environments.

Puppy Management

Puppy Training Orange County CA.

Congrats on your new puppy! Starting training at a young age is a great way to form a bond with your puppy.  know In this class, you can start between 8 and 14 weeks and attend until your pup is 20 weeks of age. This class focuses on socialization, obedience, crate training, potty training, nipping/biting and typical issues you deal with while raising a puppy. Upon completion, you can credit the amount paid for this class towards our Ultimate Obedience or Board and Train programs within 30 days of completion.

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