Ina, my 3-year-old GSP (German shorthaired pointer), is an energy packed dog who will run around outside all day long and not crash until the sun is down. Since having her as an 8-week-old puppy, she has always been somewhat obedient, but I INAalways knew she wasn’t reaching her full potential. Ina is easily distracted from everything to grasshoppers, butterflies, and especially birds. I always struggled with Ina focusing on me, no matter what environment she was in. I consider myself an active person and I have always enjoyed having her off-leash to play fetch or to go on long hikes at Kejimkujik National Park. However, Ina was very hard to control on a leash and I started to avoid taking her to new environments where I knew she would be easily excited and distracted. Trips to a new park or even to the vet were things I started to dread. No matter what I tried and how long our walks were, I could never get her to stop pulling on her leash. I knew that the obedience issues I was facing with her were taking away from both her life and mine.

I had always been on the search for knowledgeable and qualified dog trainers along the South Shore, but I never found anyone that came with raving reviews. By chance I stumbled upon Unleashed Potential . I loved everything! I read about their dog obedience services and opted to give it a try. Since I started working with Unleashed Potential I have seen a huge transformation in Ina. I am now able to enjoy my dog much more than I ever have before. The training was beyond my expectations.  Heeling was something that I never thought I could possibly get Ina to do. However, I can now take Ina for a walk and even a run with her heeling, no matter what insects or animals are around, or who we come across.  Ina is focused on me and will recall even with distractions. The dread of not being able to control Ina when she is excited in a new environment is now a thing of the past. Ina and I now enjoy trips to the lake and long walks together on and off leash. Ina is living her life to the fullest now that her potential has been unleashed!

Thank you Unleashed Potential!

Kaila and Ina

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