Rescued Husky Has Unleashed Potential In Bridgewater NS

Rescued Husky has life saving training success!


Itzy is a small energy packed, strong minded Husky mix from SHAID, bought home at ten months old she quickly showed us that she was crazy on leash, ran away from home at every opportunity, had no recall, barked constantly and was destructive in the house and full of nervous and anxious energy, she hardly ate and I realized how stressed out she was not understanding what was expected of her in her new pack.

I had previously clicker trained my other dog (a Lab) and he is good but not perfect, Itzy was responding to some things I taught her but other things seemed out of reach for me, by chance I found out about Unleashed Potential,

 Itzy started to learn focus and began almost immediately to settle down, her anxiousness disappearing, we could see the fun loving cheeky little dog she is and the stress levels in our house were replaced with a feeling that we did the right thing adopting her, she is the sort of dog that loves to be exercised not just physically but mentally too and the training gave her that focus she needs, our walks stopped being sabotaged by bad behavior and are now a pleasure, with a dog that I was told would never be able to walk off leash now running freely by my side and playing with my other dog, I can breathe easy knowing she wont end up in the road by accident as she has recall now.

I cannot overstate how happy I am that I found  Unleashed Potential and the sense of security and trust it has given me with both my dogs.  I now have Happy obedient dogs.

Thank you Unleashed Potential!!

     – Fran Bonfield

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