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Are you seeking a stronger bond with your furry companion? Do you envision your dog performing impressive tricks and mastering advanced obedience commands? Look no further than “Unleashed Potential,” your premier partner in professional dog training located in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Our expert trainers are here to help both the average pet owner and […]

Dog breeds vary significantly in terms of their physical characteristics, temperament, energy levels, and specialized skills. These differences arise due to centuries of selective breeding for specific purposes. Here are some basic differences between dog breeds and how different breeds might work better as pets for certain people: Size: Dog breeds come in a wide […]

Unleashed Potential, the premier dog training business situated in Prince Edward Island, Canada, is dedicated to helping you unlock the incredible benefits of having a well-trained dog. Discover how investing in professional dog training with Unleashed Potential can transform your canine companion into a remarkable, well-behaved family member. Investing in professional dog training from Unleashed […]

A balanced dog training approach refers to a method that combines positive reinforcement techniques with appropriate and judicious use of corrective measures to train dogs. It emphasizes creating a harmonious relationship between the dog and the trainer, promoting obedience, good behavior, and overall well-being. Positive reinforcement forms the foundation of this approach, involving the use […]

How’s your dog doing? I just got off the phone with Santa and it wasn’t the best of news.  Wayne did not make the nice list this year. Watch Wayne as I tell him the news, he doesn’t  take it very well. No worries tough, we know exactly what to do, to better Wayne’s situation. […]

“You train with Shock Collars?!” This is the response I usually get from my friends and family when they see a remote in my hand and a collar on a dog. This is followed by an uncomfortable pause as they are trying to process it all. It only lasts about 5 seconds as their eyes […]

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