Meet Achilles and his owners:

We were to the point of thinking about giving our dog Achilles away, because we couldn’t take him for walks without fighting with him the whole time, he wasn’t aloud outside by himself because he would run right over to the neighbors house, and ignore us when we call him back.  We would have to put him in his crate before we have guests because he would jump up, and be constantly at them,  among other issues.
Then we thought what if we had a child that wasn’t doing what he was told and acted like he ruled the house would we give him away too?  We began to look for an alternative solution.
After the first 10-15 min in the intro class, Duke Ferguson from Unleashed Potential K9  worked with Achilles.

We could not believe the difference, he wasn’t pulling on the leash, he was paying attention to what was going on, he was obeying commands.  By the end of the session, Achilles would come and sit when told by us and the three kids.  Now at home, he stays beside me when working him, comes and sits when told and he lays down when told. This is only since our first lesson.
For the first time in months we are happy to have a dog, we enjoy working with him and seeing the changes and it has only been two days so far.

Thanks for your help,
The Gallants

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