2 Day California Seminar – Apr 2 at 9 AM to Apr 3 at 5 PM

Paws’itive Teams 7031 Carroll Rd, San Diego, CA 92121 

Don’t miss this highly anticipated 2 day hands-on workshop in San Diego, CA with  Duke Ferguson, Master Trainer of Unleashed Potential K9 and NePoPo certified. Duke is the Creator of Dog Training Genesis program, The best dog training video program on line.  Visit his website www.upk9.ca to watch his free video series about his program Dog Training Genesis and how it works. 

This is not your average workshop. Duke will give you clear comprehensive knowledge and the skills necessary to achieve The Art of Attention and a strong work ethic from your dog. He will explain and demonstrate the core of his Dog Training Genesis program in addition to going beyond the basics and into advanced training and problem solving. The results will amaze you!

Duke will begin with how dogs learn and how to establish behavioral markers using positive reinforcement. He will teach you the 3 keys to success in dog training. You will also learn the use of food luring, clicker technique and the proper use of the motivational remote training collar. E – Collar.

The fee for this workshop is $375 with a dog and $325 without a dog.

There is a 10 dog limit and Duke will do the best he can to work with as many dogs as possible.

This workshop is being sponsored by Paws’itive Teams http://www.pawsteams.org/ and Mary Kay of Unleashed Potential San Diego https://unleashedpotential.com/find-a-trainer/mary-kay-snyder/

To register, go to

FREE: Dog Training Mini Video Series

This FREE video series will help you teach your dog to pay attention, learn how dogs communicate, and build a proper relationship with your dog.

Duke Ferguson's Dot Training School

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